TX7930 Handheld Programmer


Handheld Programmer


1 Feature and Benefits

  • Write, read and erase device parameters
  • Pluggable cable with end alligator clip to hold tight the terminals
  • LCD display and functional keys
  • Low current consumption for longer battery lifespan
  • Circuit protection against clip
  • Auto power-off within 5 minutes


The TX7930 is the general purpose programming tool use for TX7000 family products. This unit is designed to suit for entering device parameters such as address, sensitivity, mode and types to meet the site situation and environmental requirements. In addition, the programmer is capable to read the previous encoded parameters to use for testing application and troubleshooting purposes.

The TX7930 is miniature and robust design makes it convenient to bring in the work place. The programmer is packed with twin 1.5V AA battery and cable, ready for usage once received. Easy to understand the display and with functional keys allow easy single-button activation of the common used parameters.

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