Our Company

Founded in 2010, CTT Security focuses on firefighting products, toxic, combustible gas detection products and related industry on international market. Our products are:

For petroleum and petrochemical, natural gas, environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceutical, fire emergency, environmental protection and other special industries,we provide sensitive ,effective toxic, flammable gas detection products

For commercial, industrial, public institutions, government agencies and housing, we provide fire alarm and fire extinguishing solutions.

For server manufacturers, we provide scientific-designed, exquisite workmanship cases.


Every year we collect and analyze the latest info and product trends in the international market, combined with the characteristics of our own products we update our product design or broaden our product line. Our biggest advantage is the market insight and response time. Find the most appropriate customized solutions with the fastest speed to serve the customer.



Qualified and efficient production is a guarantee to excellent supply.

Our production quality: 6S site management; IS09000 system certification;