Fire Blanket

I. Introduction:

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish incipient (starting) fires,whose characteristics are flame retardant, high temperature resistance, non-flame extension in case of fire, corrosion resistance and moth-resistant. The fire blanket can effectively reduce fire damage, increase escape opportunities, reduce casualties, and maintain people's life and property safety. The use of flame retardant fiber fabric, processed by special process treatment, has a tight structure and high temperature resistance, can well prevent combustion or isolate combustion.

II. Principle of fire extinguishing

Cover the fire and isolate the air to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing;

Main application:

Fire blankets are mainly used in enterprises, shopping malls, ships, automobiles, civil buildings and other occasions; It is especially suitable for home and restaurant kitchens, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations and other places expose to fire to prevent the spread of fire and escape

III. Advantages of fire blankets

Comparing with water-based, dry powder type fire extinguishing, fire blanket

has below advantages:

1. There is no expiration period;

2. No secondary pollution will be generated after use;

3. Insulation, high temperature resistance;

4. Easy to carry and use, simple configuration, can be reused when no damage.

IV.How to use fire blankets

1 How to use:

1. Place the fire blanket on a wall or drawer that is more conspicuous and accessible.

2. At the beginning of the fire, quickly take out the fire blanket and hold the two black straps with both hands.

3. Open the fire blanket and hold it in your hand as a shield.

4. Gently cover the flame with the fire blanket while cutting off the power or air supply.

5. Continue using the fire extinguishing blanket to cover the burning object until the burning object is completely extinguished.

6. Wait until the fire object to be extinguished, and the fire blanket cools, wrap the blanket and dispose of it as non-combustible garbage.

7. If there is a fire on the person's body, open the blanket and completely wrap it around the person on fire to extinguish the source of the fire, then call for first aid.

2 Usage:

1. Fire escape: Wrap a fire blanket around your body and put on a smoke mask to quickly get out of the fire. The fire blanket can isolate the flame and lower the temperature.


2.Industrial safety: steel mills, arc welding processing, boiler rooms and chemical laboratories and other occasions with sparks and easy to cause fire, fire blanket can resist spark splashes, slag, welding spatter, etc., to isolate the workplace and separate the working layer, eliminate the fire hazard that may be caused by welding work.


3. Household fire extinguishing: In the early stage fire, the fire extinguishing blanket is directly covered the fire source or the object on fire, which can quickly extinguish the fire in a short time.


4. Car fire extinguishing:Car fire blanket is made of special high temperature resistant cloth coated with fireproof silicone fabric, is specially designed for family rides, especially electric vehicles, the product can reach nearly 50 square meters, temperature resistance up to 1600 °C. Mainly used to all kinds of cars and motorcycles in ordinary fires. When the vehicle spontaneously combusts, fire blanket can quickly isolate the air, prevent the spread of fire, reduce personal injury and property loss.



V. Storage

1. Place the fire blanket firmly in a convenient and accessible place, such as behind an indoor door, inside a nightstand, on the kitchen wall, in the trunk of a car, etc.

2. Check the fire blanket every 12 months.

3. If the fire blanket is found to be damaged or contaminated, replace it immediately.

VI. Technical Parameters:

1. Size:

Small Size(For Household,Industrial Use)

Big Size(For Vehicles)

1000mmX1000mm 6000mmX8000mm





can be customized

2. Material: high silica glass fiber.

3. Service life: more than 10 years.

4. Heat-resistant temperature: +1600 °C

5. Packing: bag with instructions

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