1 Production Description

C-1006R Smart Reflective Beam Smoke Detector (the detector) is a two-wire conventional reflective beam smoke detector, which is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings, where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain.

The detector consists of a transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. When smoke enters the area between the unit and the reflector, the smoke causes a reduction in the signal. When the smoke level reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm is activated. The detector has three standard sensitivity selections to meet different environment and demands of the users.

The advantage of detector is that it is easier installation and commission. By using hand held programmer, the laser beam pointer can be turn on to help localization. If the detector is powered on, it will automatically adjust itself using advanced software algorithms to choose the optimum parameters for the specific environment.

The detector is ideal for use high ceiling and wide areas such as historic architecture, warehouses, airports, stations, etc.

2 Features and Benefits:

1.Wiring convenience, two-bus and non-polarity.

2.Over-voltage Protection, protection of wrong power connection of power supply.

3.Ultra low power, ultra-low standby current and alarm current.

4.Convenient commission, the function of auxiliary positioning and automatic


5.Three users programming sensitivity adjustment.

6.Auto compensation for factors weakening received signals.

3 Technical Specifications:



Reference Standard:  EN 54-12:2002


Range:  10 to 100m;

Sensitivity:  37% to 55% Total obscuration in 3 levels

Level 1 = 55% (about 2.6dB) High sensitivity

Level 2 = 45% (about 3.5dB) Medium


Level 3 = 37% (about 4.3dB) Low sensitivity

Response Time: ALARM - 20 seconds typical;

FAULT - 30 seconds typical

Alignment Guide  Laser Beam Pointer


Operating Voltage  24V DC (16V to 28V DC)

Current (at 24VDC)  Standby Current ≤2mA

Alarm Current ≤4mA

Relay Capacity (Alarm & FAULT):  Normally Open & Close /0.4A; 40VDC


Material/Color  PA-ABS / Beige

Dimension  L:138mm×W:152mm×H:85mm

Weight  450g (excluding base)

Beam Path Angle  ±0.5° Horizontal and Vertical(at 100m)


Operating Temperature  -10C~+55C

Ingress Protection Rating  IP65

Relative Humidity  0% to 95% RH, non-condensing

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