Gas Detection Control Panel

Gas Detection Control Panel



1 Overview:

Gas detection control panel, with the CTT's gas detectors, constitute industrial gas intelligent control system to monitor the industrial gas concentration on-site, alarm and take steps to prevent assets loss and save lives. When there is a gas or liquid in the air volatilized, the detector generates an electrical signal proportional to the measured gas concentration in the air. The signal is sent to the controller and the controller processes it to show the measured gas concentration. When the measured gas concentration reaches or exceeds the set value, the controller will give sound and light alarm signal and output the relevant control signal, start the corresponding control device, so as to avoid damage or loss.

2 Features and benefits:

Wall-mounted structure, easy installation, simple debugging.

Internal circuit using advanced microprocessor technology, so that the machine has a stable, high

precision measurement, versatility, accurate and reliable detection.

Each channel can be set two alarm value, with two different sound and light alarm signal

16 detector interfaces, 3 status relay output interfaces

Commonly used 6 full-scale values in the software and other parameters can be modified on  demand

Users can expand the alarm processing equipment according to the requirements

3 Parameters:

Applicable scope

Measuring a variety of gas concentration, temperature, pressure

Channel input signal

4-20mADC linearity

Measurement Range

0-100-1000-10000-2000on optical

number of channels

0-16Optional to close the channel

Way of working

Multi-channel point by point acquisition (acquisition cycle 100ms)

Detection error




Display function

a)  Full-screen LCD display: display channel number and measurement concentration (per channel independent display)

bStatus display: real-time display of each channel use status, detection status (normal, alarm, fault)

cUnit display: with changeable display units

dAlarm bar: real-time alarm bar shows the channel status

Alarm function

aSound alarm: low alarm and high alarm alarm buzzer issued a different sound

bLight alarm: Corresponds to channel status indication

Output node

a16 channel 3 public  (JKI low limit trigger, JK2 high limit trigger JK3 fault output)

beach corresponding to an alarm relay (according to ordering instructions), capacity 24VDC 1A

Working power supply

220VAC   50HZ   100W

External power supply

24VDC   4A As a working power source for a device such as a detector


Wall-mounted 415mm×320mm×120mm


Wall-mounted 6.5kg

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