Multi-Gas Personal Detector PT-XF400


1 Product description:

Portable multi-gas alarm is a continuous detection of multi-gas (combustible gases, oxygen and toxic gases) concentration, easy to use personal protective gas detector. The color OLED display shows the measured gas concentration and other information. The decibel buzzer, alarm indicator and vibration alarm indicate that the current gas concentration has exceeded the set alarm point.

2 Features and benefits:


  • The color OLED display continuously displays the gas concentration in real time
  • Automatic zero adjustment and calibration function
  • Automatically start full-function test (including sensor fault detection) when power on
  • Gas concentration curve browsing function, intuitive and convenient (optional, factory settings)
  • The screen display content can be flip over (optional, need to customize)
  • Event record function (optional, to be customized)
  • Detection of toxic gas types can be set (optional, to be customized)
  • Sound, light, vibration 3 kinds of alarm
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery design
  • Explosion-proof design

3 Gas types and measurement range:

A Gas types:

Combustible gas included

Oxygen, CO, Combustible gas, H2S

Carbon dioxide included

Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide

Toxic gases can be replaced with

Ammonia, Sulfur dioxide, Chlorine, Ozone, Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Hydrocyanic acid, Phosphine, Hydrogen and other gases (to be customized)

Please be noted: Oxygen and combustible gases are not replaceable

All types of gas can be closed as a separate channel.

B Measurement range:

Gas types

measurement range

Gas types

measurement range

Gas types

measurement range

Carbon monoxide

1000 μmol / mol


1000 × 10-6

Combustible gas

100% LEL

Hydrogen sulfide

100 × 10-6


100 × 10-6


50 × 10-6



Sulfur dioxide

100 × 10-6


10 × 10-6

Hydrogen cyanide

30 × 10-6


1 × 10-6

Nitrogen dioxide

50 × 10-6

Nitric oxide

100 x 10-6

Carbon dioxide


4 Technical parameters:

Battery type

Lithium-ion polymer

Battery parameters:

Rated voltage 3.7V, nominal capacity 1800mAh

Working current:

Normal current: ≤ 100mA

Alarm current: ≤190mA

Explosion-proof grade

ExdibIIBT3 Gb

Sensor type:

Carbon dioxide


Combustible Gas:

Catalytic combustion


Galvani an Battery

Toxic gas


Detection method:

Diffusion type

Response time:

Carbon dioxide:

T90 <30s

Combustible gas:

T90 <30s


T90 <20s

Toxic gas:

T90 <60s General

Full charge continuous working hours:

≥14 hours (including combustible gas)

≥48 hours (excluding combustible gas)


Carbon dioxide:

± 0.1% (volume ratio)

Carbon monoxide:

± 10%

Hydrogen sulfide:

± 5% FS

Combustible gas:

± 5% FS


Soil 3.0% FS

Other toxic gases

± 10% (display) or ± 5% (full scale) within, take large

Working Environment:

Temperature: -20 ~ 40

Relative humidity: 15% -95%,

no condensation

Storage environment:

Temperature: -20 ~ 60

Relative humidity ≤ 90%, no condensation

Charging temperature range:

0 ~ 40

Protection class:



PC, ABS, anti-static TPE


130mm × 72mm × 36mm


310 grams

5 Application:

  • Oil &Petrochemical        Metallurgy
  • Chemical industry         Environmental protection
  • Papermaking             Printing and dyeing Municipal
  • Research &Education      National defense

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